End Mills

All  Carbide & Diamond Tooling Brand cutting tools are manufactured state of the art equipment and are available with premium coatings and substrates which optimize the performance of our cutting tools within the target material groups. Advanced geometry and grinding and honing produce superior cutting edge on our cutting tools. The new nano coatings possess improved wear resistance, chemical and thermal stability and a smooth surface finish which allows chips to flow easily over the surface of the tools, thus contributing to better performance and longer tool life. The ultra-fine grain carbide substrates offer the optimal combination of wear resistance and edge strength. 
  • Aluminum  Non Ferrous End Mills Aluminum Non Ferrous End Mills
    An Extensive Selection Carbide End mills for High Performance cutting of Aluminum and Nor Ferrous Applications, Roughing Finishing, Radius End, Ball Nose, Stub length,Long Extra Long, Reduced Neck Extended Reach, 30, 37 45 50 Degree Helix
  • Roughing End Mills Roughing End Mills
    An extensive selection of carbide roughing end mills.Fine Pitch Roughers,Coarse Pitch Roughers, High Helix Roughers. Square Radius & Ball Nose. For High Speed Milling of Aluminum, alloys,Brass,Bronze,Carbon Steel, Cast Steel,Cooper, Plastic,Inconel,Steel,Stainless Steel, Titanium & tool Steels
  • Corner Rounding End Mills Carbide Corner Rounding End Mills Carbide
    CDTooling corner end mills are excellent for breaking edges and putting a smooth radius on a your part. These tools, also known as "radius cutters" and "corner rounders, are excellent for milling inside a pocket or on the back of a part. They come in a variety of pilot sizes, smaller pilots are available for tight corners and small holes and larger pilots are available for increased strength and better finish. We offer all large range of of the shelf standard size and quick delivery on Specials
  • Tapered End Mills Tapered End Mills
    CDTooling Made in USA Carbide tapered end mills are used in the mold-making industry and are popular in machining operations where there is a need to produce angled surfaces.square or ball end available with TiAIN coating 1/2-15 degree angle