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Abrasive Non-Wovens

  • Hand Pads - Non-Woven Hand Pads - Non-Woven
    HAND PADS Flexible nylon fibres impregnated with abrasive grain This flexible non-woven product is designed for hand applications or can be used on oscillating sanders. Use dry or wet with water or solvents. Excellent for general cleanup, blending, light deburring and fine finishing
  • Unitized Deburring and Finishing Wheels Wheels Unitized Deburring and Finishing Wheels Wheels
    • Provides aggressive polishing, blending and finishing action. • Designed to minimize heat buildup. • Excellent for cleaning and polishing soft metals prior to plating. • Finishing the surface of aerospace turbine blades. • Remove oxides, rust and weld discoloration. • Equivalent to 3M Scotchbrite EXL. • Use on ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless, extrusions and plastics.
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