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Boring and Turning

  • Boring Bars Steel Boring Bars Steel
    A selection of Indexable Carbide Boring Bars Steel Body. CDT-Ultra USA made Boring Bars are the practical and economical choice for general machining. Available in diameters from .156" to 2" Diameter, 4:1 Ratio
  • Boring Bars Boring Bars
    "A complete source of Boring Bars. Steel, Heavy Metal, Carbide,Solid And Through Coolant. The solution to all of your Turning and Boring Applications. Premium Quality High Production and Shop grades available in most sizes
  • Boring Bars Carbide Positive Boring Bars Carbide Positive
    A Selection of Boring Bars Carbide, Indexable Solid Carbide Boring Bars 8 to 1 Ratio, .156 to 1.5 Inch Diameters with and without thru coolant. Standard and Custom available Fast Delivery
  • Boring Bars Ultra-Adjust Dial Boring Bars Ultra-Adjust Dial
    A selection of Boring Bars Ultra-Adjust, Featuring a graduated adjustment dial in every unit. With each graduation representing .0005” of adjustment per side. CAT40 r8 Straight shank,Indexable cartridges
  • Boring Bars Mondular Chatter Free Boring Bars Mondular Chatter Free
    A one boring bar Solution with 25 different insert styles and configurations allow outstanding savings in your tooling budget. This rigid, high-precision Modular Boring Bar connection is designed with great accuracy to provide a secure union between the bar and the head. The system has internal coolant supply in all components as well.
  • Turning Tool Holders Turning Tool Holders
    An Extensive Selection of Premium Quality Turning Tool Holders for Indexable Inserts Carbide, Cermet, Ceramic, Diamond and CNB. With the "M" Multi Lock, "T" Cam Lock, "W" Wedge Lock and "P" Profile Tool holder Systems with and with out coolant. We have the best tool holder for your most demanding application
  • Carbide Reinforced Hybrid Boring Bars Carbide Reinforced Hybrid Boring Bars
    CDT-Ultra Carbide Reinforced Steel Boring bars offer 30% more rigidity than traditional steel boring bars with an average of 35% less cost than solid carbide
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