CAT30 CAT40 CAT50 Tool Holders and Adapters

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CAT30 CAT40 CAT50 Tool Holders and Adapters
CAT 40 and 50 V FLANGE Tooling Premium Quality CDTMX
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CAT 40 and 50 End Mill Holders, Collet Chucks, Adapters Saw Arbors


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CAT40 CAT50 Tool Holders & Adapters
CAT 40 CAT 50 Collet Chucks End Mill Holders Adapters
Caterpillar V-Flange Tooling Flange Sizes per ANSI B5.50-1994 Produced according to AT3 specifications Made of alloy forged steel for a long, durable service life Hardened to RC 56-60 and ground to ensure maximum accuracy Retention knobs sold separately Draw Bar Threads: CAT 40 5/8"-11 and CAT 50 1"- 8
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3-183-1303 CAT30x5/16in-3.35 Integral Drill Chuck,
3-183-1403 CAT40x5/16in-3.23 Integral Drill Chuck,
3-183-1503 CAT50x1/2in-3.54 Integral Drill Chuck,
3-183-1504 CAT50x5/8in-3.70 Integral Drill Chuck,
3-183-2433 CAT40x1/2in-4.52 Integral Drill Chuck,
3-183-2435 CAT40x5/8in-4.72 Integral Drill Chuck,
3-183-2563 CAT50x5/8in-3.54 Integral Drill Chuck,
3-185-4004 CAT40 1/8x2.37in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4008 CAT40 3/16x2.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4014 CAT40 1/4x2.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4020 CAT40 5/16x2.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4021 CAT40 5/16x3in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4025 CAT40 3/8x2.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4026 CAT40 3/8x3in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4030 CAT40 7/16x2.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4036 CAT40 1/2x2.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4037 CAT40 1/2x3in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4042 CAT40 5/8x3.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4049 CAT40 3/4x3in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4050 CAT40 3/4x3.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4056 CAT40 7/8x3.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4061 CAT40 1x3in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4062 CAT40 1.0x4in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4068 CAT40 1.25x4in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4070 CAT40 1.25x4.6in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4074 CAT40 1.5x4.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4102 CAT40 1/8x1.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4106 CAT40 3/16x1.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4112 CAT40 1/4x1.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4118 CAT40 5/16x1.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4124 CAT40 3/8x1.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4129 CAT40 7/16x1.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4134 CAT40 1/2x1.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4140 CAT40 5/8x1.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4148 CAT40 3/4x1.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4160 CAT40 1.0x1.75in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4166 CAT40 1-1/4x2in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4205 CAT40 1/8x5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4209 CAT40 3/16x4.72in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4222 CAT40 5/16x4.72in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4223 CAT40 5/16x8in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4227 CAT40 3/8x4.72in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4228 CAT40 3/8x8in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4238 CAT40 1/2x4.72in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4239 CAT40 1/2x8in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4246 CAT40 5/8x8in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4251 CAT40 3/4x8in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4265 CAT40 1.0x8in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4272 CAT40 1-1/4x8in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4276 CAT40 1-1/2x8in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4294 CAT40 1/4x4.72in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4298 CAT40 1/4x8in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4409 CAT40 1/4x3in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-4431 CAT40 5/8x3in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-50101 CAT50 1/4x4in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5011 CAT50 5/16x4in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5012 CAT50 3/8x4in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5021 CAT50 1/2x4in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5031 CAT50 5/8x3in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5032 CAT50 5/8x4in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5041 CAT50 3/4x3in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5042 CAT50 3/4x4in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5054 CAT50 7/8x4in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5056 CAT50 7/8x6in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5061 CAT50 1.0x4in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5071 CAT50 1-1/4x4.6in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5081 CAT50 1-1/2x4.6in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5091 CAT50 2x6in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5102 CAT50 1/4x2.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5110 CAT50 3/8x2.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5124 CAT50 1/2x2.67in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5134 CAT50 5/8x1.44in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5142 CAT50 3/4x1.44in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5160 CAT50 1.0x2.62in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5170 CAT50 1-1/4x2.62in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5180 CAT50 1-1/2x2in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5200 CAT50 1/4x6.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5213 CAT50 3/8x6.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5223 CAT50 1/2x6.5in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5225 CAT50 1/2x10in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5233 CAT50 5/8x7.25in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5235 CAT50 5/8x10in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5243 CAT50 3/4x7.25in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5247 CAT50 3/4x10in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5263 CAT50 1.0x8in, End Mill Holder,
3-185-5267 CAT50 1.0x12in, End Mill Holder,
3-186-005 CAT40 1/2x1.37inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-008 CAT40 1/2x4inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-010 CAT40 3/4x1.37inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-015 CAT40 3/4x4inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-016 CAT40 3/4x6inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-020 CAT40 1x2.6inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-025 CAT40 1x4inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-026 CAT40 1x6inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-030 CAT40 1-1/4x2.21inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-035 CAT40 1-1/4,4inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-036 CAT40 1-1/4x6inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-040 CAT40 1-1/2x2.21in, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-045 CAT40 1-1/2x4in, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-503 CAT50 1/2x1.5inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-505 CAT50 1-1/4x8inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-509 CAT50 3/4x1.5inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-511 CAT50 3/4x3.5inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-512 CAT50 1-1/2x8in, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-513 CAT50 3/4x5.5inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-5132 CAT50 3/4x8inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-515 CAT50 1x2inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-517 CAT50 1x4inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-519 CAT50 1x6inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-5192 CAT50 1x8inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-521 CAT50 1-1/4x1.5inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-523 CAT50 1-1/4x3.5inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-525 CAT50 1-1/4x6inC, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-527 CAT50 1-1/2x2.4in, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-529 CAT50 1-1/2x4in, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-531 CAT50 1-1/2x6in, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-533 CAT50 2x2.4in, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-535 CAT50 2x4in, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-186-537 CAT50 2x6in, Shell Mill Arbor,
3-188-003 CAT40 ER11 3in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-009 CAT40 ER16 2.76in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-015 CAT40 ER16 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-016 CAT40 ER16 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-017 CAT40 ER16 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-018 CAT40 ER20 2.76in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-021 CAT40 ER20 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-022 CAT40 ER20 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-023 CAT40 ER20 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-024 CAT40 ER25 2.5in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-025 CAT40 ER25 2.76in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-027 CAT40 ER25 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-028 CAT40 ER25 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-029 CAT40 ER25 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-030 CAT40 ER32 2.76in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-036 CAT40 ER32 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-046 CAT40 ER32 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-048 CAT40 ER32 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-141 CAT40 ER40 3.15in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-144 CAT40 ER40 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-146 CAT40 ER40 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-148 CAT40 ER40 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-154 CAT40 ER50 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-500 CAT50 ER16 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-501 CAT50 ER16 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-502 CAT50 ER16 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-503 CAT50 ER16 10in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-504 CAT50 ER20 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-505 CAT50 ER20 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-506 CAT50 ER20 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-507 CAT50 ER20 10in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-508 CAT50 ER25 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-509 CAT50 ER25 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-510 CAT50 ER25 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-511 CAT50 ER25 10in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-513 CAT50 ER32 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-514 CAT50 ER32 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-515 CAT50 ER32 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-516 CAT50 ER32 10in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-520 CAT50 ER40 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-521 CAT50 ER40 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-522 CAT50 ER40 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-523 CAT50 ER40 10in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-524 CAT50 ER50 4in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-525 CAT50 ER50 6in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-528 CAT50 ER50 8in,Collet Chuck,
3-188-6432 CAT40 ER32, Short Holder,
3-188-6532 CAT50 ER32, Short Holder,
3-790-008 Spanner Wrench ER8S,
3-790-011 Spanner Wrench ER11S,
3-790-016 Spanner Wrench ER16S,
3-790-020 Spanner Wrench ER20S,
3-790-025 Spanner Wrench ER25S,
3-790-025B Spanner Wrench ER25B,
3-790-032B Spanner Wrench ER32B,
3-790-040B Spanner Wrench ER40B,
3-790-050B Spanner Wrench ER50B,
3-790-111 Collet  Wrench ER11H,
3-790-116 Collet  Wrench ER16H,
3-790-120 Collet  Wrench ER20H,
3-790-206S Hook Wrench 6S,
3-790-208S Hook Wrench 8S,
3-790-210S Hook Wrench 10S,
3-790-213S Hook Wrench 13S,
3-790-216S Hook Wrench 16S,
3-790-220 Hook WrenchC20,
3-790-225 Hook WrenchC25,
3-790-232 Hook WrenchC32,
3-790-242 Hook WrenchC42,
3-791-008S Collet  Nut ER 8-S,
3-791-011H Collet  Nut ER 11-H,
3-791-011S Collet  Nut ER 11-S,
3-791-016H Collet  Nut ER 16-H,
3-791-016S Collet  Nut ER 16-S,
3-791-020H Collet  Nut ER 20-H,
3-791-020S Collet  Nut ER 20-S,
3-791-025B Collet  Nut ER 25-B,
3-791-025S Collet  Nut ER 25-S,
3-791-032B Collet  Nut ER 32-B,
3-791-040B Collet  Nut ER 40-B,
3-791-050B Collet  Nut ER 50-B,
3-791-132 Super ShortCollet  NutER32,
3-793-006 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 40-ANSI   solid,
3-793-008 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 40-MAS-I   solid,
3-793-010 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 40-MAS-II   solid,
3-793-012 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 40-MAS-III   solid,
3-793-014 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 50-MAS-I   solid,
3-793-016 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 50-MAS-II   solid,
3-793-018 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 50-MAS-III   solid,
3-793-022 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 50-ANSI   solid,
3-793-028 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 40-ANSI-C,
3-793-030 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 40-Coolant-I,
3-793-032 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 40-Coolant-II,
3-793-034 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 40-Coolant-III,
3-793-036 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 50-Coolant-I,
3-793-038 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 50-Coolant-II,
3-793-040 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 50-Coolant-III,
3-793-044 Retention Knob (Pull Stud) CAT 50-ANSI-C,
6-999-586 Hex Wrench 6 mm,
6-999-588 Hex Wrench 8 mm,
7-020-005 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/8x1/16x7/8,
7-020-015 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/8x1/8x7/8,
7-020-025 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/8x1/4x7/8,
7-020-035 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/8x3/8x7/8,
7-020-045 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/8x1/2x7/8,
7-020-050 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/8x5/8x7/8,
7-020-055 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/8x3/4x7/8,
7-020-065 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/8x1x7/8,
7-020-080 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/8x2x7/8,
7-020-090 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x1/16x1,
7-020-095 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x3/32x1,
7-020-100 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x1/8x1,
7-020-105 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x3/16x1,
7-020-110 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x1/4x1,
7-020-115 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x5/16x1,
7-020-120 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x3/8x1,
7-020-125 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x7/16x1,
7-020-130 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x1/2x1,
7-020-135 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x5/8x1,
7-020-140 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x3/4x1,
7-020-150 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x1x1,
7-020-155 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x1-1/4x1,
7-020-160 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x1-1/2x1,
7-020-165 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x2x1,
7-020-170 Arbor Spacer, 1-1/2x3x1,
7-020-175 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x1/16x1.1/4,
7-020-185 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x1/8x1.1/4,
7-020-190 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x3/16x1.1/4,
7-020-195 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x1/4x1.1/4,
7-020-200 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x5/16x1.1/4,
7-020-205 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x3/8x1.1/4,
7-020-215 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x1/2x1.1/4,
7-020-220 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x5/8x1.1/4,
7-020-225 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x3/4x1.1/4,
7-020-230 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x7/8x1.1/4,
7-020-235 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x1x1-1/4,
7-020-240 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x1-1/4x1-1/4,
7-020-245 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x1-1/2x1-1/4,
7-020-250 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x2x1-1/4,
7-020-255 Arbor Spacer, 1-3/4x3x1-1/4,
7-020-260 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x1/16x1-1/2,
7-020-265 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x3/32x1-1/2,
7-020-270 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x1/8x1-1/2,
7-020-275 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x3/16x1-1/2,
7-020-280 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x1/4x1-1/2,
7-020-285 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x5/16x1-1/2,
7-020-290 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x3/8x1-1/2,
7-020-300 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x1/2x1-1/2,
7-020-310 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x3/4x1-1/2,
7-020-320 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x1x1-1/2,
7-020-325 Arbor Spacer, 2-1.8x1-1/4x1-1/2,
7-020-335 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x2x1-1/2,
7-020-340 Arbor Spacer, 2-1/8x3x1-1/2,
7-020-395 Arbor Spacer, 2-3/4x1/8x2,
7-020-400 Arbor Spacer, 2-3/4x3/16x2,
7-020-405 Arbor Spacer, 2-3/4x1/4x2,
7-020-415 Arbor Spacer, 2-3/4x3/8x2,
7-020-425 Arbor Spacer, 2-3/4x1/2x2,
7-020-435 Arbor Spacer, 2-3/4x3/4x2,
7-020-445 Arbor Spacer, 2-3/4x1x2,
7-020-460 Arbor Spacer, 2-3/4x2x2,
7-020-465 Arbor Spacer, 2-3/4x3x2,
7-030-005R Nut for Machine Arbors, 7/8 - 14 RH,
7-030-010R Nut for Machine Arbors, 1 - 14 RH,
7-030-015R Nut for Machine Arbors, 1-1/4- 12 RH,
7-030-020R Nut for Machine Arbors, 1-1/2- 12 RH,
7-030-025R Nut for Machine Arbors, 2 - 12 RH,
7-030-030R Nut for Machine Arbors, 2-1/2- 12 RH,
7-080-005 Arbor Screw, 1/2in Arbor, 1/4-28,
7-080-010 Arbor Screw, 3/4in Arbor, 3/8-24,
7-080-015 Arbor Screw, 1in Arbor, 1/2-20,
7-080-020 Arbor Screw, 1-1/4in Arbor, 5/8-18,
7-080-025 Arbor Screw, 1-1/2in Arbor, 3/4-16,
7-080-030 Arbor Screw, 2in Arbor, 1-14,
7-080-105 Key for 1/2in Shell End Mill Arbor,
7-080-110 Key for 3/4in Shell End Mill Arbor,
7-080-115 Key for 1in Shell End Mill Arbor,
7-080-120 Key for 1-1/4in Shell End Mill Arbor,
7-080-130 Key for 2in Shell End Mill Arbor,
7-080-135 Key for 2-1/2in Shell End Mill Arbor,
7-080-155 Key Screw for 3/4in Shell End Mill Arbor,
7-080-175 Key Screw for 2&2-1/2in Shell End Mill Arbor,
7-180-010 CAT40 TG100 Collet Chuck, 3in, 15RPM,
7-180-015 CAT40 TG100 Collet Chuck, 4in, 15RPM,
7-180-103 CAT50 TG100 Collet Chuck, 3.1/8in,15RPM,
7-180-104 CAT50 TG100 Collet Chuck, 3.1/2in,15RPM,
7-180-110 CAT40 TG100 Collet Chuck, 3in, 20RPM,
7-180-401 CAT40 TG75 Collet Chuck, 2-1/8inx3in,
7-180-403 CAT40 TG100 Collet Chuck, 2-1/2x3,
7-180-4033 CAT40 TG100 Collet Chuck Set, 3in 17 Pc,
7-180-4038 CAT40 TG100 Collet Chuck Set, 3in 32 Pc,
7-180-404 CAT40 TG100 Collet Chuck, 2-1/2x4,
7-180-4043 CAT40 TG100 Collet Chuck Set, 4in, 17 Pc,
7-180-4048 CAT40 TG100 Collet Chuck Set, 4in, 32 Pc,
7-180-406 CAT40 TG100 Collet Chuck, 2-1/2x6,
7-180-501 CAT50 TG75 Collet Chuck, 2-1/8inx3.5in,
7-180-503 CAT50 TG100 Collet Chuck, 2-1/2x3-1/8,
7-180-5033 CAT50 TG100 Collet Chuck Set, 3-1/8,17Pc,
7-180-5038 CAT50 TG100 Collet Chuck Set, 3-1/8,32Pc,
7-180-504 CAT50 TG100 Collet Chuck, 2-1/2x3-1/2,
7-180-5043 CAT50 TG100 Collet Chuck St, 3-1/2, 17Pc,
7-180-5048 CAT50 TG100 Collet Chuck St, 3-1/2, 32Pc,
7-180-505 CAT50 TG100 Collet Chuck, 2-1/2x5-1/2,
7-180-507 CAT50 TG100 Collet Chuck, 2-1/2x7-1/2,
7-180-513 CAT50 TG150 Collet Chuck, 3-1/2x3,
7-180-514 CAT50 TG150 Collet Chuck, 3-1/2x3-1/2,
7-180-517 CAT50 TG150 Collet Chuck, 3-1/2x5-1/2,
7-180-901 Round Nut for TG75 Collet Chuck (Hook),
7-180-9100 Round Nut for TG100 Collet Chuck (New),
7-180-915 Round Nut for TG150 Collet Chuck,Metric,
7-180-9150 Round Nut for TG150 Collet Chuck, Inch,
7-180-930 Hook Wrench for ER40 & TG100 ColletChuck,
7-180-935 Hook Wrench for TG150 Collet Chuck,
7-181-402 CAT40 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT40 to J2,
7-181-403 CAT40 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT40 to J3,
7-181-404 CAT40 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT40 to J4,
7-181-406 CAT40 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT40 to J6,
7-181-433 CAT40 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT40 to J33,
7-181-502 CAT50 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT50 to J2,
7-181-503 CAT50 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT50 to J3,
7-181-504 CAT50 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT50 to J4,
7-181-505 CAT50 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT50 to J5,
7-181-506 CAT50 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT50 to J6,
7-181-533 CAT50 Jacobs Taper Holder, CAT50 to J33,
7-182-502 CAT50 Face Mill Holder, 2x2.4,
7-182-504 CAT50 Face Mill Holder,  2x4,
7-182-512 CAT50 Face Mill Holder,  2-1/2x2.4,
7-182-514 CAT50 Face Mill Holder, 2-1/2x4,
7-183-402 CAT40 MT Adapter, CAT40 to MT2,
7-183-403 CAT40 MT Adapter, CAT40 to MT3,
7-183-404 CAT40 MT Adapter, CAT40 to MT4,
7-183-502 CAT50 MT Adapter, CAT50 to MT2,
7-183-503 CAT50 MT Adapter, CAT50 to MT3,
7-183-504 CAT50 MT Adapter, CAT50 to MT4,
7-183-505 CAT50 MT Adapter, CAT50 to MT5,
7-184-504 CAT50 Adapter, CAT50 to CAT40,
7-185-002 CAT40 End Mill Holder,1/8inx1-3/8in, 15RPM,
7-185-004 CAT40 End Mill Holder,1/8inx2-1/2in, 15RPM,
7-185-006 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/16inx1-3/8in,15RPM,
7-185-008 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/16inx2-1/2in,15RPM,
7-185-012 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/4inx1-3/8in,15RPM,
7-185-014 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/4inx2-1/2in,15RPM,
7-185-018 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 5/16inx1-3/8in,15RPM,
7-185-020 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 5/16inx2-1/2in,15RPM,
7-185-024 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/8inx1-3/8in, 15RPM,
7-185-026 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/8inx2-1/2in, 15RPM,
7-185-030 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 7/16inx2-1/2in,15RPM,
7-185-034 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/2inx1-3/4in, 15RPM,
7-185-036 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/2inx2-5/8in, 15RPM,
7-185-040 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 5/8inx1-3/4in, 15RPM,
7-185-042 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 5/8inx3-3/4in, 15RPM,
7-185-048 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/4inx1-3/4in, 15RPM,
7-185-050 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/4inx3-3/4in, 15RPM,
7-185-054 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 7/8inx1-3/4in, 15RPM,
7-185-056 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 7/8inx3-1/2in, 15RPM,
7-185-060 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1inx2in, 15RPM,
7-185-062 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1inx4in, 15RPM,
7-185-066 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1-1/4inx2in, 15RPM,
7-185-068 CAT40 End Mill Holder,1-1/4inx4-1/4in,15RPM,
7-185-102 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1/4inx1-3/8in, 15RPM,
7-185-108 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 5/16inx2-1/2, 15RPM,
7-185-110 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 3/8inx1-3/8, 15RPM,
7-185-124 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1/2inx1-3/4in, 15RPM,
7-185-134 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 5/8inx1-3/4in, 15RPM,
7-185-142 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 3/4inx1-3/4in, 15RPM,
7-185-160 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1inx2in, 15RPM,
7-185-170 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1-1/4inx2in, 15RPM,
7-185-180 CAT50 End Mill Holder,1-1/2inx2-1/2in,15RPM,
7-185-208 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/16inx2-1/2in,20RPM,
7-185-226 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/8inx2-1/2in, 20RPM,
7-185-236 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/2inx2-5/8in, 20RPM,
7-185-250 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/4inx3-3/4in, 20RPM,
7-185-262 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1inx4in, 20RPM,
7-185-334 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/2inx1-3/4in, 20RPM,
7-185-336 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/2inx2-5/8in, 20RPM,
7-185-405 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/8x2-1/2,
7-185-407 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/16x2-1/2,
7-185-4074 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/16x4,
7-185-409 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/4x2-1/2,
7-185-4094 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/4x4,
7-185-4115 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 5/16x2-1/2,
7-185-4117 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 5/16x4,
7-185-412 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/8x2-1/2,
7-185-4122 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/8x5,
7-185-4123 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 7/16x2-1/2,
7-185-4127 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 7/16x4,
7-185-413 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/2x2-5/8,
7-185-417 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1/2x5,
7-185-431 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 5/8x3-3/4,
7-185-437 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 5/8x5-1/2,
7-185-441 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/4x3-3/4,
7-185-447 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 3/4x5-1/2,
7-185-450 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 7/8x3-1/2,
7-185-451 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 7/8x4,
7-185-461 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1x4,
7-185-465 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1x6,
7-185-470 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1-1/4x2,
7-185-471 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1-1/4x4-1/4,
7-185-472 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1-1/4x4-3/8,
7-185-475 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1-1/4x6,
7-185-481 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1-1/2x4-5/8,
7-185-485 CAT40 End Mill Holder, 1-1/2x6,
7-185-509 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1/4inx2-1/2in,
7-185-5101 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1/4inx4in,
7-185-511 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 3/8inx2-1/2in,
7-185-512 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 3/8inx4-1/2in,
7-185-513 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 3/8inx6-1/2in,
7-185-514 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 3/8inx8in,
7-185-516 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 7/16inx2-1/2in,
7-185-517 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 7/16inx4-1/2in,
7-185-521 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1/2inx2-5/8in,
7-185-522 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1/2inx4-5/8in,
7-185-523 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1/2inx6-5/8in,
7-185-526 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1/2inx8in,
7-185-531 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 5/8inx3-3/4in,
7-185-532 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 5/8inx5-3/4in,
7-185-533 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 5/8inx7-3/4in,
7-185-541 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 3/4inx3-3/4in,
7-185-542 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 3/4inx5-3/4in,
7-185-543 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 3/4inx7-3/4in,
7-185-547 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 3/4inx12in,
7-185-551 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 7/8inx3-3/4in,
7-185-552 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 7/8inx5-3/4in,
7-185-553 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 7/8inx7-3/4in,
7-185-561 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1inx4in,
7-185-562 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1inx6in,
7-185-563 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1inx8in,
7-185-567 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1inx12in,
7-185-571 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1-1/4inx4in,
7-185-572 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1-1/4inx6in,
7-185-573 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1-1/4inx8in,
7-185-577 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1-1/4inx12in,
7-185-581 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1-1/2inx4in,
7-185-582 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1-1/2inx6in,
7-185-583 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 1-1/2inx8in,
7-185-591 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 2inx5-5/8in,
7-185-592 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 2inx7-5/8in,
7-185-593 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 2inx9-5/8in,
7-185-595 CAT50 End Mill Holder, 2-1/2inx6in,
7-186-005 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1/2x1-3/8, 15RPM,
7-186-010 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 3/4x1-3/8, 15RPM,
7-186-015 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 3/4x4, 15RPM,
7-186-020 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1x2-1/16, 15RPM,
7-186-025 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1x4, 15RPM,
7-186-030 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt,1-1/4x2-1/8,15RPM,
7-186-040 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt,1-1/2x2.40, 15RPM,
7-186-045 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1-1/2x4, 15RPM,
7-186-403 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1/2x1-3/8,
7-186-405 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 3/4x1-3/8,
7-186-407 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1x2-1/16,
7-186-407C CAT40 Shell End Mill Adap.1x2 .1/16Coolant T.,
7-186-409 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1-1/4x2-1/8,
7-186-411 CAT40 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1-1/2x2.40,
7-186-505 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1/2x3-1/2,
7-186-507 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1/2x5-1/2,
7-186-509 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 3/4x1-1/2,
7-186-511 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 3/4x3-1/2,
7-186-512 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 3/4x4-1/2,
7-186-513 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 3/4x5-1/2,
7-186-514 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 3/4x9,
7-186-515 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1x2,
7-186-517 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1x4,
7-186-519 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1x6,
7-186-520 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1x10,
7-186-521 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1-1/4x1-1/2,
7-186-525 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1-1/4x5-1/2,
7-186-526 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1-1/4x12,
7-186-527 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1-1/2x2.40,
7-186-529 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1-1/2x4,
7-186-531 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1-1/2x6,
7-186-532 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 1-1/2x12,
7-186-533 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 2x2.40,
7-186-535 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 2x4,
7-186-537 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 2x6,
7-186-540 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 2.5x2.40,
7-186-540C CAT50 Shell End Mill Adap.2x2.4, Coolant Thru,
7-186-543 CAT50 Shell End Mill Adpt, 2.5x6,
7-187-433 CAT40 Integral Drill Chuck,1/32 - 1/2in,
7-187-4331 1/2in ReplacEnd Millent Drill Chuck,
7-187-435 CAT40 Integral Drill Chuck, 1/8 - 5/8in,
7-187-563 CAT50 Integral Drill Chuck 1/32 - 1/2in,
7-187-565 CAT50 Integral Drill Chuck, 1/8 - 5/8in,
7-188-003 CAT40 ER11 Collet Chuck,2.5in 15RPM G6.3,
7-188-006 CAT40 ER11 Collet Chuck, 4in 15RPM G6.3,
7-188-009 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 2.5in, 15RPM,
7-188-012 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 3in, 15RPM,
7-188-015 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 4in, 15RPM,
7-188-018 CAT40 ER20 Collet Chuck, 2.5in, 15RPM,
7-188-021 CAT40 ER20 Collet Chuck, 4in, 15RPM,
7-188-024 CAT40 ER25 Collet Chuck, 2.5in, 15RPM,
7-188-027 CAT40 ER25 Collet Chuck, 4in, 15RPM,
7-188-030 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 2.5in, 15RPM,
7-188-033 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 3in, 15RPM,
7-188-036 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 4in, 15RPM,
7-188-039 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 5in, 15RPM,
7-188-041 CAT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 2.5in, 15RPM,
7-188-044 CAT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 4in, 15RPM,
7-188-047 CAT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 5in, 15RPM,
7-188-109 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck,2.5in,20RPM G2.5,
7-188-115 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 4in, 20RPM G2.5,
7-188-130 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chk 30mm 25RPM,
7-188-133 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 3in, 20RPM G2.5,
7-188-141 CAT40 ER40 Collet Chuck,2.5in,20RPM G2.5,
7-188-415 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 2.5in,
7-188-417 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 3in,
7-188-418 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 4in,
7-188-4185 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 6in,
7-188-4190 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 2.5in, 9 Pc St,
7-188-4193 CAT40 ER16 Collet Chuck, 3in, 9 Pc St,
7-188-420 CAT40 ER20 Collet Chuck, 2.5in,
7-188-422 CAT40 ER20 Collet Chuck, 4in,
7-188-424 CAT40 ER25 Collet Chuck, 2.5in,
7-188-426 CAT40 ER25 Collet Chuck, 4.0in,
7-188-430 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 2.5in,
7-188-431 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 3in,
7-188-432 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 4in,
7-188-438 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 3in, 13 Pc St,
7-188-439 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, 4in, 13 Pc St,
7-188-440 CAT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 4in,
7-188-443 CAT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 2.5in,
7-188-446 CAT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 6in,
7-188-449 CAT40 ER40 Collet Chuck, 4in, 17 Pc St,
7-188-510 CAT50 ER16 Collet Chuck, 6in,
7-188-520 CAT50 ER20 Collet Chuck, 4in,
7-188-525 CAT50 ER25 Collet Chuck, 6in,
7-188-532 CAT50 ER32 Collet Chuck, 6in,
7-188-543 CAT50 ER40 Collet Chuck, 2.5in,
7-188-545 CAT50 ER40 Collet Chuck, 4in,
7-188-549 CAT50 ER40 Collet Chuck, 4in, 17 Pc St,
7-188-7324 CAT40 ER32 Collet Chuck, Balanceable,
7-188-811 Hex Nut for ER11 Collet Chuck, CAT-HSK,
7-188-816 6-Slot Nut for ER16 Collet Chuck,
7-188-820 6-Slot Nut for ER20 CAT-BT-MT-NST-R8,
7-188-821 Hex Nut for ER20 Collet Chuck,
7-188-825 6-Slot Nut for ER25 Collet Chuck,
7-188-832 6-Slot Nut for ER32 Collet Chuck,
7-188-840 6-Slot Nut for ER40 Collet Chuck,
7-188-9016 6-Slot Nut Wrench for ER16 Collet Chuck,
7-188-9020 6-Slot Nut Wrench for ER20 Collet Chuck,
7-188-9025 6-Slot Nut Wrench for ER25 Collet Chuck,
7-188-9032 6-Slot Nut Wrench for ER32 Collet Chuck,
7-188-9040 6-Slot Nut Wrench for ER40 Collet Chuck,
7-188-911 Hex Nut Wrench for ER11 Collet Chuck,
7-188-916 Hook Wrench for ER16 & ER20,
7-188-925 Hook Wrench for ER25 Collet Chuck,
7-188-932 Hook Wrench for ER32 & TG75 Collet Chuck,
7-188-940A CAT40 Tooling Package, Advanced,
7-188-940B CAT40 Tooling Package, Basic,
7-188-940P CAT40 Tooling Package, PrEnd Millium,
7-188-950A CAT50 Tooling Package, Advanced,
7-188-950B CAT50 Tooling Package, Basic,
7-188-950P CAT50 Tooling Package, PrEnd Millium,
7-189-905 Retention Knob CAT40x5/8-11UNC,
7-189-941 Retention Knob CAT40 Haas,
7-189-950 Retention Knob CAT50,
7-189-955 CAT50 Retention Knob,
7-191-410 CAT40 Stub Arbor Holder, 1x7-1/2,
7-191-415 CAT40 Stub Arbor Holder, 1-1/4x7-3/4,
7-191-420 CAT40 Stub Arbor Holder, 1-1/2x8,
7-191-510 CAT50 Stub Arbor Holder, 1x7-1/2,
7-191-515 CAT50 Stub Arbor Holder, 1x9-1/2,
7-191-520 CAT50 Stub Arbor Holder, 1-1/4x7-3/4,
7-191-525 CAT50 Stub Arbor Holder, 1-1/4x9-3/4,
7-191-530 CAT50 Stub Arbor Holder, 1-1/2x8,
7-191-535 CAT50 Stub Arbor Holder, 1-1/2x10,
7-192-405 CAT40 Slitting Saw Holder, 5/8x4in,
7-192-410 CAT40 Slitting Saw Holder, 1x4in,
7-192-415 CAT40 Slitting Saw Holder, 1-1/4x4in,
7-192-510 CAT50 Slitting Saw Holder, 1x4in,
7-192-515 CAT50 Slitting Saw Holder, 1x6in,
7-192-520 CAT50 Slitting Saw Holder, 1-1/4x4in,
7-192-525 CAT50 Slitting Saw Holder, 1-1/4x6in,
7-192-910 CAT V-Fl SlitSawHolder, Cap, 1x4in,
7-193-015 CAT40 DA180 Collet Chuck, 2.75in, 15RPM,
7-193-024 CAT40 DA180 Collet Chuck, 4in, 15RPM,
7-193-150 CAT40 DA200 Collet Chuck, 3in,
7-193-250 CAT40 DA100 Collet Chuck, 3.5in,
7-193-415 CAT40 DA180 Collet Chuck, 2.75in,
7-193-424 CAT40 DA180 Collet Chuck, 4in,
7-193-524 CAT50 DA180 Collet Chuck, 4in,
7-193-526 CAT50 DA180 Collet Chuck, 6in,
7-193-528 CAT50 DA180 Collet Chuck, 8in,
7-193-805 Hex Nut for DA200 Collet Chuck,
7-193-805S Hex Nut (Slim) for DA200 Collet Chuck,
7-193-810 Hex Nut for DA100 Collet Chuck,
7-193-818 Hex Nut for DA180 Collet Chuck,
7-193-905 Hex Nut Wrench for DA200 Collet Chuck,
7-193-905S Hex Nut Wrench for DA200 Collet Chuck,
7-193-910 Hex Nut Wrench for DA100 Collet Chuck,
7-193-918 Hex Nut Wrench for DA180 Collet Chuck,

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