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CAT40 CAT50 Tool Holder Wrench CDTooling Present The CATclaw

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CAT40 CAT50 Tool Holder Wrench CDTooling Present The CATclaw


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CatClaw40 CAT40 Wrench
CATClaw50 CAT50 Wrench
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The Cat Claw 40 & 50 tool holder wrenches are tool designed for use with CNC Milling Machines Machining Centers and any machine that uses a CAT40 and CAT50 Tool Holders.

Why buy this wrench?
No more using any adjustable crescent wrenches pipe wrenches and damaging your holder and knuckles

Tool Holder Wrench. The Cat Claw 5 is designed to enable the machinist to make tool changes without removing the CAT tool holder from the CNC machine.  Using the Cat Claw also eliminates the need for manual programming and reduces over-tightening of the Spring Collets. The Cat Claw  is a quick, easy and safe way to change tools without using a Vise or Fixture. The result: A safe and easy way to change tools that saves time and money. The Cat Claw  is made from 5/8 thick Aluminum and Anodized Black. Made in the USA
"Whether you decide to change out the tool while in the machine or on a bench, this wrench is very efficient, safe and convenient"

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