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CNMG 120408-GP PV90 Ceratip

Part Number: CII-Surplus-CNMG 432-GP PV90
CNMG 120408-GP PV90 Ceratip
CNMG 432 (120408)-GP PV90 Ceratip
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Ceratip Cermet Inserts
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Turning Inserts; Material: Cermet; Insert Style: CNMG; Insert Size: 432; Manufacturer's Grade: PV90; Chip-breaker: GP; Shape: Diamond
Please note sold in 10 Packs Only

Insert StyleCNMG
Insert Size432
Manufacturer's GradePV90
Inscribed Circle (mm)12.70
Inscribed Circle (Decimal Inch)0.5000
Inscribed Circle (Inch)1/2
Thickness (Inch)3/16
Thickness (mm)4.76
Thickness (Decimal Inch)0.1875
Corner Radius (Inch)1/32
Corner Radius (mm)0.79
Corner Radius (Decimal Inch)0.0312
Relief Angle ( )0
Hole Diameter (Decimal Inch)0.2030
Coating ProcessPVD
Included Angle ( )80
Insert HandNeutral
Length (Decimal Inch)0.4720
Rake Angle ( )20

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