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HSK Tool Holders and Accessories

HSK (the German abbreviation for "hollow shank tooling") is the newest and most advanced machine tooling option available. Developed in response to increased demand for high speed capable tooling in the automotive and aerospace industries, HSK offers greater accuracy and repeat ability, as well as reduced weight and tool change cycle times.
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HSK Form A End Mill Holders
in stock
HSK40A-ER11-250-G2/G6 ER Collet Chucks ID 624-
Availabilty: In Stock
HSK DIN69893 63A Jacobs Taper Holders
Availabilty: In Stock
HSK40A-ER16-300-G2/G6 ER Collet Chucks ID 2981-
Availabilty: In Stock
HSK40A-ER32-300-G2/G6 ER Collet Chucks ID 2982-
Availabilty: In Stock
HSK50A-ER16-300-G2/G6 ER16 Collet Chucks ID 2983-
Availabilty: In Stock
HSK50A-ER32-300-G2/G6 Collet Chucks ID 2984-
Availabilty: In Stock
HSK63A-ER16-G2/G6 4 and 6 inch Long Collet Chucks ID 2985-
Availabilty: In Stock
HSK63A-ER11-G2/G6  6 inch Projection Collet Chucks ID 2986-
Availabilty: In Stock
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