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Pull Stud, Retention Knobs

Retention Knobs
CDTooling retention knobs are manufactured from hot-rolled 8620H ne grain steel. They are shot peened to relieve stress, and hard turned

for superior t and nish. Our knobs are laser marked with the date of purchaseto help determine life span. For traceability purposes, each knob is lasered with
a part number, serial number, and lot number. All of our knobs are made in the USA from USA manufactured materials. We manufacture and stock over 400
didifferent styles of retention knobs including adapters for NMTB toolholders. Retention knobs come packaged in individual containers with identification
prints on each container. Retention knobs should be inspected yearly for cracks and wear, and replaced every three years. (Based on a 40 hour week under
normal conditions.)

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