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Standard Ball Joint Taper and Motorcycle Reamer

Part Number:1002-
Standard Ball Joint Taper and Motorcycle Reamer
Reamer Standard Ball Joint Taper and Motorcycle Reamers


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Standard Ball Joint Taper Reamers

For deburring or enlarging tapered holes for tie-rod ends or ball joint studs.
This tool can be used in a 1/2" chuck by removing the T-handle.

UPC No.SizeTaperOverall LengthFlute LengthLarge DiameterSmall Diameter
8502021 1/2" /ft (7.15 Degrees)6 1/2"4 1/2"1"7/16"
850252.51 1/2" /ft (7.15 Degrees)6 1/2"4 1/2"1 5/16"3/4"
8503031 1/2" /ft (7.15 Degrees)6 1/2"4 1/2"1 1/2"15/16"
85101N/A10:1 (5.71 Degrees)6 1/2"4 1/2".887 (22.5MM).437 (11.1mm)
85500N/A2" /ft (9.56 Degrees)6 1/2"4 1/2"1 1/8"3/8"

Motorcycle Reamers

Model H.D.

UPC No.H.D. No.DiameterDescription
50138HD-1138.688Cam Bushing
50748HD-1748.748Clutch Gear (4th)
50810HD-1081.790Connecting Rod Bushing - Expansion
50820HD-1082.812Timing Cover (1948-69)
Cam Shaft Bushing (cover)
50830HD-1083XL1.125Rear Intake (After 1970)
Cam Bushing
50840HD-1084.555Rocker Arm Bushing
50850HD-1085.562Pinion Shaft Bushing (Cover)
50851HD-1085-B1N/ASpecial Bushing For 1085
50852HD-1085-B2N/ASpecial Bushing For 1086
Before 1958 & XL Models
50860HD-1086.625Pinion Shaft Bushing (Cover)
50861HD-1086-B1N/ASpecial Bushing for 1086
50870HD-1087FL1.003Cam Bushing (After 1970)
50880HD-1088.875RockerArm Housing
FL 1965 & Earlier

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