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MRGNR 12-3B ToolHolder- ID: 849-6-700-012R

Part Number: 849-6-700-012R
MRGNR 12-3B ToolHolder- ID: 849-6-700-012R
Indexable Turning Toolholders and Boring Bars For Indexable Carbide Inserts Premium Quality
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MRGNR 12-3B ToolHolder- ID: 849-6-700-012R

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MRGNR 12-3B ToolHolder- ID: 849-6-700-012R

Summary of items listed on this page
6-700-012L MRGNL 12-3B ToolHolder
6-700-012R MRGNR 12-3B ToolHolder
6-700-016L MRGNL 16-3D ToolHolder
6-700-016R MRGNR 16-3D ToolHolder
6-700-112L MRGNL 12-4B ToolHolder
6-700-112R MRGNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-700-116L MRGNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-700-116R MRGNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-700-204L MRGNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-700-204R MRGNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-705-012R MCKNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-705-016L MCKNL-16-4D ToolHolder
6-705-016R MCKNR-16-4D ToolHolder
6-705-020L MCKNL-20-4D ToolHolder
6-705-020R MCKNR-20-4D ToolHolder
6-705-116R MCKNR 16-5D ToolHolder
6-705-120R MCKNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-710-012L MCLNL 12-4B ToolHolder
6-710-012R MCLNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-710-016L MCLNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-710-016R MCLNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-710-020L MCLNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-710-020R MCLNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-710-024L MCLNL 24-4D ToolHolder
6-710-024R MCLNR 24-4D ToolHolder
6-710-116L MCLNL 16-5D ToolHolder
6-710-116R MCLNR 16-5D ToolHolder
6-710-120L MCLNL 20-5D ToolHolder
6-710-120R MCLNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-710-124L MCLNL 24-5D ToolHolder
6-710-124R MCLNR 24-5D ToolHolder
6-710-216L MCLNL 16-6D ToolHolder
6-710-216R MCLNR 16-6D ToolHolder
6-710-220L MCLNL 20-6D ToolHolder
6-710-220R MCLNR 20-6D ToolHolder
6-710-224L MCLNL 24-6E ToolHolder
6-710-224R MCLNR 24-6E ToolHolder
6-710-512R MCLNL/R 12-4B ToolHolder Set w10 inserts
6-710-516R MCLNL/R 16-4B ToolHolder Set w10 inserts
6-711-016 MCMNN 16-4D ToolHolder
6-711-120 MCMNN 20-5D ToolHolder
6-711-220 MCMNN 20-6D ToolHolder
6-712-016L MCRNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-712-016R MCRNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-712-120L MCRNL 20-5D ToolHolder
6-712-120R MCRNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-712-220L MCRNL 20-6D ToolHolder
6-712-220R MCRNR 20-6D ToolHolder
6-714-165 MDPNN 16-4D ToolHolder
6-714-204 MDPNN 20-4D ToolHolder
6-714-320 MDPNN 20-5D ToolHolder
6-714-324 MDPNN 24-5D ToolHolder
6-715-124L MDJNL 12-4B ToolHolder
6-715-124R MDJNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-715-165L MDJNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-715-165R MDJNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-715-204L MDJNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-715-204R MDJNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-715-244L MDJNL 24-4D ToolHolder
6-715-244R MDJNR 24-4D ToolHolder
6-715-285L MDJNL 85-4D ToolHolder
6-715-285R MDJNR 85-4D ToolHolder
6-715-416L MDJNL 16-5D ToolHolder
6-715-416R MDJNR 16-5D ToolHolder
6-715-420L MDJNL 20-5D ToolHolder
6-715-420R MDJNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-715-424L MDJNL 24-5D ToolHolder
6-715-424R MDJNR 24-5D ToolHolder
6-715-486L MDJNL 86-5E ToolHolder
6-715-486R MDJNR 86-5E ToolHolder
6-734-412 MSDNN 12-4B ToolHolder
6-734-416 MSDNN 16-4D ToolHolder
6-734-485 MSDNN 85-4D ToolHolder
6-734-516 MSDNN 16-5D ToolHolder
6-734-520 MSDNN 20-5D ToolHolder
6-734-585 MSDNN 85-5D ToolHolder
6-734-586 MSDNN 86-5E ToolHolder
6-734-616 MSDNN 16-6D ToolHolder
6-734-620 MSDNN 20-6D ToolHolder
6-734-624 MSDNN 24-6E ToolHolder
6-734-685 MSDNN 85-6D ToolHolder
6-734-686 MSDNN 86-6E ToolHolder
6-735-124L MSSNL 12-4B ToolHolder
6-735-124R MSSNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-735-165L MSSNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-735-165R MSSNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-735-216L MSSNL 16-5D ToolHolder
6-735-216R MSSNR 16-5D ToolHolder
6-735-220R MSSNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-735-320L MSSNL 20-6D ToolHolder
6-735-320R MSSNR 20-6D ToolHolder
6-735-324L MSSNL 24-6D ToolHolder
6-735-324R MSSNR 24-6D ToolHolder
6-736-124L MSRNL 12-4B ToolHolder
6-736-124R MSRNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-736-165L MSRNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-736-165R MSRNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-736-204L MSRNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-736-204R MSRNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-736-316L MSRNL 16-5D ToolHolder
6-736-316R MSRNR 16-5D ToolHolder
6-736-320L MSRNL 20-5D ToolHolder
6-736-320R MSRNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-736-416L MSRNL 16-6D ToolHolder
6-736-416R MSRNR 16-6D ToolHolder
6-736-420L MSRNL 20-6D ToolHolder
6-736-420R MSRNR 20-6D ToolHolder
6-736-424L MSRNL 24-6E ToolHolder
6-736-424R MSRNR 24-6D ToolHolder
6-737-012L MSKNL 12-4B ToolHolder
6-737-012R MSKNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-737-016L MSKNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-737-016R MSKNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-737-116L MSKNL 16-5D ToolHolder
6-737-116R MSKNR 16-5D ToolHolder
6-737-120L MSKNL 20-5D ToolHolder
6-737-120R MSKNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-737-220L MSKNL 20-6D ToolHolder
6-737-220R MSKNR 20-6D ToolHolder
6-737-224L MSKNL 24-6D ToolHolder
6-737-224R MSKNR 24-6D ToolHolder
6-740-010L MTJNL 103B ToolHolder
6-740-010R MTJNR 103B ToolHolder
6-740-012L MTJNL 12-3B ToolHolder
6-740-012R MTJNR 12-3B ToolHolder
6-740-016L MTJNL 16-3D ToolHolder
6-740-016R MTJNR 16-3D ToolHolder
6-740-116L MTJNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-740-116R MTJNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-740-120L MTJNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-740-120R MTJNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-740-216L MTJNL 16-5D ToolHolder
6-740-216R MTJNR 16-5D ToolHolder
6-740-220L MTJNL 20-5D ToolHolder
6-740-220R MTJNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-740-224L MTJNL 24-5D ToolHolder
6-740-224R MTJNR 24-5D ToolHolder
6-740-226L MTJNL 24-5E ToolHolder
6-740-226R MTJNR 24-5E ToolHolder
6-740-230L MTJNL 85-5D ToolHolder
6-740-235L MTJNL 86-5E ToolHolder
6-740-235R MTJNR 86-5E ToolHolder
6-741-310 MTENN 10-3B ToolHolder
6-741-312 MTENN 12-3B ToolHolder
6-741-364 MTENN 64-3D ToolHolder
6-741-412 MTENN 12-4B ToolHolder
6-741-416 MTENN 16-4D ToolHolder
6-741-485 MTENN 85-4D ToolHolder
6-741-486 MTENN 86-4E ToolHolder
6-741-516 MTENN 16-5D ToolHolder
6-741-520 MTENN 20-5D ToolHolder
6-741-524 MTENN 24-5E ToolHolder
6-741-585 MTENN 86-5E ToolHolder
6-742-012L MTGNL 12-3B ToolHolder
6-742-012R MTGNR 12-3B ToolHolder
6-742-016L MTGNL 16-3D ToolHolder
6-742-016R MTGNR 16-3D ToolHolder
6-742-216L MTGNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-742-216R MTGNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-742-220L MTGNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-742-220R MTGNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-742-320L MTGNL 20-5D ToolHolder
6-742-320R MTGNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-746-012L MTFNL 12-3B ToolHolder
6-746-012R MTFNR 12-3B ToolHolder
6-746-016L MTFNL 16-3D ToolHolder
6-746-016R MTFNR 16-3D ToolHolder
6-746-216L MTFNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-746-216R MTFNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-746-220L MTFNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-746-220R MTFNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-746-320L MTFNL 20-5D ToolHolder
6-746-320R MTFNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-750-012L MWLNL 12-3B ToolHolder
6-750-012R MWLNR 12-3B ToolHolder
6-750-016L MWLNL 16-3D ToolHolder
6-750-016R MWLNR 16-3D ToolHolder
6-750-112L MWLNL 12-4B ToolHolder
6-750-112R MWLNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-750-116L MWLNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-750-116R MWLNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-750-120L MWLNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-750-120R MWLNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-750-124L MWLNL 24-4E ToolHolder
6-750-124R MWLNR 24-4E ToolHolder
6-750-216L MWLNL 16-5D ToolHolder
6-750-216R MWLNR 16-5D ToolHolder
6-750-220L MWLNL 20-5D ToolHolder
6-750-220R MWLNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-750-224L MWLNL 24-5E ToolHolder
6-750-224R MWLNR 24-5E ToolHolder
6-750-512R WNMGL/R 12-4B ToolHolder Set w10 inserts
6-750-516R WNMGL/R 16-4D ToolHolder Set w10 inserts
6-754-012 MVVNN 12-3B ToolHolder
6-754-016 MVVNN 16-3D ToolHolder
6-754-116 MVVNN 16-4D ToolHolder
6-755-012L MVJNL 12-3B ToolHolder
6-755-012R MVJNR 12-3B ToolHolder
6-755-016L MVJNL 16-3D ToolHolder
6-755-016R MVJNR 16-3D ToolHolder
6-755-020L MVJNL 20-3D ToolHolder
6-755-020R MVJNR 20-3D ToolHolder
6-755-116L MVJNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-755-116R MVJNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-755-220L MVJNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-755-220R MVJNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-755-224L MVJNL 24-4E ToolHolder
6-755-224R MVJNR 24-4E ToolHolder
6-760-164L SI-MCLNL 16-4 Boring Bar
6-760-164R SI-MCLNR 16-4 Boring Bar
6-760-204L SI-MCLNL 20-4 Boring Bar
6-760-204R SI-MCLNR 20-4 Boring Bar
6-760-244L SI-MCLNL 24-4 Boring Bar
6-760-244R SI-MCLNR 24-4 Boring Bar
6-760-284L SI-MCLNL 28-4 Boring Bar
6-760-284R SI-MCLNR 28-4 Boring Bar
6-760-294L SI-MCLNL 32-4 Boring Bar
6-760-294R SI-MCLNR 32-4 Boring Bar
6-760-315L SI-MCLNL 24-5 Boring Bar
6-760-315R SI-MCLNR 24-5 Boring Bar
6-760-326L SI-MCLNL 32-6 Boring Bar
6-760-326R SI-MCLNR 32-6 Boring Bar
6-760-564L AI-MCLNL 16-4T Boring Bar
6-760-564R AI-MCLNR 16-4T Boring Bar
6-760-604L AI-MCLNL 20-4T Boring Bar
6-760-604R AI-MCLNR 20-4T Boring Bar
6-760-644L AI-MCLNL 24-4T Boring Bar
6-760-644R AI-MCLNR 24-4T Boring Bar
6-760-684R AI-MCLNR 28-4T Boring Bar
6-765-123L SI-MWLNL 12-3 Boring Bar
6-765-123R SI-MWLNR 12-3 Boring Bar
6-765-124L SI-MWLNL 12-4 Boring Bar
6-765-124R SI-MWLNR 12-4 Boring Bar
6-765-163R SI-MWLNR 16-3 Boring Bar
6-765-164L SI-MWLNL 16-4 Boring Bar
6-765-164R SI-MWLNR 16-4 Boring Bar
6-765-204L SI-MWLNL 20-4 Boring Bar
6-765-204R SI-MWLNR 20-4 Boring Bar
6-765-244L SI-MWLNL 24-4 Boring Bar
6-765-244R SI-MWLNR 24-4 Boring Bar
6-765-564L AI-MWLNL 16-4T Boring Bar
6-765-564R AI-MWLNR 16-4T Boring Bar
6-765-604L AI-MWLNL 20-4T Boring Bar
6-765-604R AI-MWLNR 20-4T Boring Bar
6-765-644L AI-MWLNL 24-4T Boring Bar
6-765-644R AI-MWLNR 24-4T Boring Bar
6-770-120L SI-MDUNL 20-4 Boring Bar
6-770-120R SI-MDUNR 20-4 Boring Bar
6-770-124L SI-MDUNL 24-4 Boring Bar
6-770-124R SI-MDUNR 24-4 Boring Bar
6-770-128L SI-MDUNL 28-4 Boring Bar
6-770-128R SI-MDUNR 28-4 Boring Bar
6-770-132L SI-MDUNL 32-4 Boring Bar
6-770-132R SI-MDUNR 32-4 Boring Bar
6-770-228R SI-MDUNR 28-5 Boring Bar
6-770-232L SI-MDUNL 32-5 Boring Bar
6-770-232R SI-MDUNR 32-5 Boring Bar
6-783-012L SI-MTUNL 12-3 Boring Bar
6-783-012R SI-MTUNR 12-3 Boring Bar
6-783-016L SI-MTUNL 16-3 Boring Bar
6-783-016R SI-MTUNR 16-3 Boring Bar
6-783-020L SI-MTUNL 20-3 Boring Bar
6-783-020R SI-MTUNR 20-3 Boring Bar
6-783-024L SI-MTUNL 24-3 Boring Bar
6-783-024R SI-MTUNR 24-3 Boring Bar
6-783-120L SI-MTUNL 20-4 Boring Bar
6-783-120R SI-MTUNR 20-4 Boring Bar
6-783-124L SI-MTUNL 24-4 Boring Bar
6-783-124R SI-MTUNR 24-4 Boring Bar
6-783-132L SI-MTUNL 32-4 Boring Bar
6-783-132R SI-MTUNR 32-4 Boring Bar
6-785-016L SI-MVUNL 16-3 Boring Bar
6-785-016R SI-MVUNR 16-3 Boring Bar
6-785-020L SI-MVUNL 20-3 Boring Bar
6-785-020R SI-MVUNR 20-3 Boring Bar
6-785-024L SI-MVUNL 24-3 Boring Bar
6-785-024R SI-MVUNR 24-3 Boring Bar
6-785-128L SI-MVUNL 28-4 Boring Bar
6-785-128R SI-MVUNR 28-4 Boring Bar
6-785-132L SI-MVUNL 32-4 Boring Bar
6-785-132R SI-MVUNR 32-4 Boring Bar
6-800-062L SCLCL 062J Tool Holder
6-800-062R SCLCR 062J Tool Holder
6-800-103L SCLCL 083A Tool Holder
6-800-103R SCLCR 083A Tool Holder
6-800-113L SCLCL 103B Tool Holder
6-800-113R SCLCR 103B Tool Holder
6-800-123L SCLCL 123B Tool Holder
6-800-123R SCLCR 123B Tool Holder
6-800-163L SCLCL 163D Tool Holder
6-800-163R SCLCR 163D Tool Holder
6-800-224L SCLCL 124B Tool Holder
6-800-224R SCLCR 124B Tool Holder
6-800-264L SCLCL 164D Tool Holder
6-800-264R SCLCR 164D Tool Holder
6-801-062 SCMCN 062J Tool Holder
6-801-103 SCMCN 083A Tool Holder
6-801-113 SCMCN 103B Tool Holder
6-801-123 SCMCN 123B Tool Holder
6-801-224 SCMCN 124B Tool Holder
6-804-062 SDPCN 062J Tool Holder
6-804-082 SDPCN 082A Tool Holder
6-804-113 SDPCN 103B Tool Holder
6-804-123 SDPCN 123B Tool Holder
6-804-163 SDPCN 163D Tool Holder
6-805-042L SDJCL 042 315 Tool Holder
6-805-042R SDJCR 042 315 Tool Holder
6-805-062L SDJCL 062J Tool Holder
6-805-062R SDJCR 062J Tool Holder
6-805-082L SDJCL 082A Tool Holder
6-805-082R SDJCR 082A Tool Holder
6-805-103L SDJCL 083A Tool Holder
6-805-103R SDJCR 083A Tool Holder
6-805-113L SDJCL 103B Tool Holder
6-805-113R SDJCR 103B Tool Holder
6-805-123L SDJCL 123B Tool Holder
6-805-123R SDJCR 123B Tool Holder
6-805-163L SDJCL 163D Tool Holder
6-805-163R SDJCR 163D Tool Holder
6-805-224L SDJCL 124B Tool Holder
6-805-224R SDJCR 124B Tool Holder
6-805-264L SDJCL 164D Tool Holder
6-805-264R SDJCR 164D Tool Holder
6-806-062L SVJCL 062J Tool Holder
6-806-062R SVJCR 062J Tool Holder
6-806-082L SVJCL 082A Tool Holder
6-806-082R SVJCR 082A Tool Holder
6-806-102L SVJCL 102B Tool Holder
6-806-102R SVJCR 102B Tool Holder
6-806-123L SVJCL 123B Tool Holder
6-806-123R SVJCR 123B Tool Holder
6-806-163L SVJCL 163C Tool Holder
6-806-163R SVJCR 163C Tool Holder
6-806-167L SVJCL 163D Tool Holder
6-806-167R SVJCR 163D Tool Holder
6-810-042 SSDCN 042 315 Tool Holder
6-810-108 SSDCN 083A Tool Holder
6-810-110 SSDCN 103B Tool Holder
6-810-112 SSDCN 123B Tool Holder
6-810-216 SSDCN 164D Tool Holder
6-810-220 SSDCN 204D Tool Holder
6-813-006 STECN 062 Tool Holder
6-813-008 STECN 082J Tool Holder
6-813-112 STECN 123B Tool Holder
6-813-164 STECN 643D Tool Holder
6-814-006L STFC L 062 Tool Holder
6-814-006R STFC R 062 Tool Holder
6-814-008L STFC L 082J Tool Holder
6-814-008R STFC R 082J Tool Holder
6-814-010L STFCL 102A Tool Holder
6-814-010R STFCR 102A Tool Holder
6-814-110L STFCL 103B Tool Holder
6-814-110R STFCR 103B Tool Holder
6-814-112R STFC R 123B Tool Holder
6-814-116L STFCL 163D Tool Holder
6-814-116R STFC R 163D Tool Holder
6-815-062L STGCL 062 Tool Holder
6-815-062R STGCR 062 Tool Holder
6-815-082L STGCL 082J Tool Holder
6-815-082R STGCR 082J Tool Holder
6-815-110L STGCL 102A Tool Holder
6-815-110R STGCR 102A Tool Holder
6-815-113L STGCL 103B Tool Holder
6-815-113R STGCR 103B Tool Holder
6-815-123L STGCL 123B Tool Holder
6-815-123R STGCR 123B Tool Holder
6-815-163L STGCL 163D Tool Holder
6-815-163R STGCR 163D Tool Holder
6-816-082L STJCL 082J Tool Holder
6-816-082R STJCR 082J Tool Holder
6-816-123L STJCL 123B Tool Holder
6-816-123R STJCR 123B Tool Holder
6-821-010L Internal Threading B/B,SI-SIL 10-3 5/8in
6-821-010R Internal Threading B/B,SI-SIR 10-3 5/8in
6-821-012L Internal Threading B/B,SI-SIL 12-3 3/4in
6-821-012R Internal Threading B/B,SI-SIR 12-3 3/4in
6-821-116L Internal Threading B/B,SI-PIL 16-3 1in
6-821-116R Internal Threading B/B,SI-PIR 16-3 1in
6-870-042L SI-SCLCL 4-2 Boring Bar
6-870-042R SI-SCLCR 4-2 Boring Bar
6-870-062L SI-SCLCL 6-2 Boring Bar
6-870-062R SI-SCLCR 6-2 Boring Bar
6-870-082L SI-SCLCL 8-2 Boring Bar
6-870-082R SI-SCLCR 8-2 Boring Bar
6-870-085L SI-SCLCL 10-2 Boring Bar
6-870-085R SI-SCLCR 10-2 Boring Bar
6-870-093L SI-SCLCL 8-3 Boring Bar
6-870-093R SI-SCLCR 8-3 Boring Bar
6-870-103L SI-SCLCL 10-3 Boring Bar
6-870-103R SI-SCLCR 10-3 Boring Bar
6-870-123L SI-SCLCL 12-3 Boring Bar
6-870-123R SI-SCLCR 12-3 Boring Bar
6-870-163L SI-SCLCL 16-3 Boring Bar
6-870-163R SI-SCLCR 16-3 Boring Bar
6-870-500 SI-SCLS B/Bars, 3 Pc Set .315,3/8,1/2
6-870-505 SI-SCLC B/Bars,5 Pc .315,3/8,1/2,5/8,3/4
6-870-510 SI-SCLC B/Bars, 3 Pc. Set; 1/2, 5/8, 3/4
6-870-515 SI-SCLC B/Bars, 3 Pc.Set; 3/8, 1/2, 5/8
6-871-524 Mini Idx.B/Bar,CCMT,4 Pc Set W/10 Insrts
6-871-525 Mini CCMT Boring Bar Set Non Coolant
6-871-530 Mini CCMT Boring Bar Set Coolant
6-875-006L SI-SDUCL 06-2 Boring Bar
6-875-006R SI-SDUCR 06-2 Boring Bar
6-875-008L SI-SDUCL 08-2 Boring Bar
6-875-008R SI-SDUCR 08-2 Boring Bar
6-875-010L SI-SDUCL 10-2 Boring Bar
6-875-010R SI-SDUCR 10-2 Boring Bar
6-875-012L SI-SDUCL 12-3 Boring Bar
6-875-012R SI-SDUCR 12-3 Boring Bar
6-875-016L SI-SDUCL 16-3 Boring Bar
6-875-016R SI-SDUCR 16-3 Boring Bar
6-875-020L SI-SDUCL 20-3 Boring Bar
6-875-020R SI-SDUCR 20-3 Boring Bar
6-875-500 SI-SDUC B/Bars, 3 Pc Set, 3/8,1/2,5/8
6-884-006L SI-STUCL 06-2 Boring Bar
6-884-006R SI-STUCR 06-2 Boring Bar
6-884-008L SI-STUCL 08-2 Boring Bar
6-884-008R SI-STUCR 08-2 Boring Bar
6-884-010L SI-STUCL 10-2 Boring Bar
6-884-010R SI-STUCR 10-2 Boring Bar
6-884-012L SI-STUCL 12-3 Boring Bar
6-884-012R SI-STUCR 12-3 Boring Bar
6-884-016L SI-STUCL 16-3 Boring Bar
6-884-016R SI-STUCR 16-3 Boring Bar
6-884-020L SI-STUCL 20-3 Boring Bar
6-884-020R SI-STUCR 20-3 Boring Bar
6-884-024L SI-STUCL 24-3 Boring Bar
6-884-024R SI-STUCR 24-3 Boring Bar
6-884-500 SI-STUCR B/Bars, 3 Pc Set 3/8,1/2,5/8
6-887-122L SI-SVUCL 12-2 Boring Bar
6-887-122R SI-SVUCR 12-2 Boring Bar
6-887-162L SI-SVUCL 16-2 Boring Bar
6-887-162R SI-SVUCR 16-2 Boring Bar
6-887-163L SI-SVUCL 16-3 Boring Bar
6-887-163R SI-SVUCR 16-3 Boring Bar
6-887-203L SI-SVUCL 20-3 Boring Bar
6-887-203R SI-SVUCR 20-3 Boring Bar
6-889-083R SI-SWUCR 08-3 Boring Bar
6-889-103L SI-SWUCL 10-3 Boring Bar
6-889-103R SI-SWUCR 10-3 Boring Bar
6-889-123L SI-SWUCL 12-3 Boring Bar
6-889-123R SI-SWUCR 12-3 Boring Bar
6-890-500 5-Pc Mini Toolholder & Boring Bar Set
6-890-510 5-Pc Mini T/H & B/Bar,5-Pc Set W/10 Ins.
6-939-172 SI-CTFPR 10-2 Boring Bar
6-939-173 SI-CTFPR 12-3 Boring Bar
6-939-174 SI-CTFPR 16-3 Boring Bar
6-939-175 SI-CTFPR 20-3 Boring Bar
6-939-176 SI-CTFPR 24-3 Boring Bar
6-939-178 SI-CTFPR 32-4 Boring Bar
6-998-006 T6 Torx Key
6-998-007 T7 Torx Key
6-998-008 T8 Torx Key
6-998-009 T9 Torx Key
6-998-010 T10 Torx Key
6-998-015 T15 Torx Key
6-998-020 T20 Torx Key
6-998-0351 CTX03510, Clamp Screw
6-998-03CR CR03, C-clip
6-998-04CR CR04, C-clip
6-998-0515 CTX0515, Clamp Screw
6-998-106 T6 Torx Key
6-998-107 T7 Torx Key
6-998-108 T8 Torx Key
6-998-109 T9 Torx Key
6-998-110 T10 Torx Key
6-998-115 T15 Torx Key
6-998-120 T20 Torx Key
6-998-145 1/16x1.8 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-147 5/64x1.9 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-150 3/32x2.0 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-151 7/64x2.1 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-153 1/8x2.3 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-156 9/64ix2.4 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-159 5/32x2.5 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-162 Hex Key for 7-120-005, -010 Saw Arbor
6-998-165 7/32x3.0 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-168 1/4x3.3 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-171 5/16x3.8 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-174 3/8x4.3 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-177 7/16x4.8 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-180 1/2x5.3 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-183 9/16x5.8 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-185 5/8x6.3 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-187 3/4x7.3 Hex L-Wrench
6-998-1910 10 Pc. Hex L-Wr 1/16-1/4in
6-998-1912 12 Pc. Hex L-Wr .050-5/16
6-998-1913 13 Pc. Hex L-Wr .050-3/8in
6-998-1951 9 Pc. Hex Fold .050-3/16
6-998-1953 9 Pc. Hex Fold 5/64.1/4in
6-998-1999 13 Pc.& 9 Pc.in& Metric
6-998-206 T6 Torx Key
6-998-207 T7 Torx Key
6-998-208 T8 Torx Key
6-998-209 T9 Torx Key
6-998-210 T10 Torx Key
6-998-220 T20 Torx Key
6-998-2504 Replacement Torx Screw
6-998-2505 Torx Screw T8 M2.5x0.45
6-998-2506 Replacement Torx Screw
6-998-3007 Torx Screw T9 M3x0.5
6-998-35R1 CHH3.5R1 Clamp
6-998-4008M Replacement Torx Screw
6-998-4008T Replacement Torx Screw
6-998-4011 Replacement Torx Screw
6-998-4110 Insert Screw
6-998-4116 Insert Screw
6-998-4208 TORX WRENCH
6-998-4215 TORX WRENCH
6-998-45R1 CHH4.5R1, Clamp Screw
6-998-5011 Torx Screw T20 M5x0.8
6-998-5012 Torx Screw
6-998-5015 SW15S, WRENCH 6-495 + 6-496
6-998-55R1 CHH5.5R1, Clamp
6-998-6009 ICSN-433 Insert Shim
6-998-6015 ICSN-533 Insert Shim
6-998-6020 ICSN-633 Insert Shim
6-998-6025P ICSN-846 Insert Shim
6-998-6031 IWSN-322 Insert Shim
6-998-6033 IWSN-332 Shim
6-998-6035 IWSN-433 Insert Shim
6-998-6041 IWSN-533 Insert Shim
6-998-6049 ITSN-322 Insert Shim
6-998-6053 ITSN-333 Insert Shim
6-998-6060 ITSN-433 Insert Shim
6-998-6070 ITSN-533 Insert Shim
6-998-6074P IVSN-322 Insert Shim
6-998-6075 IVSN-324 Insert Shim
6-998-6077 IVSN-433 Insert Shim
6-998-6080 IDSN-322 Insert Shim
6-998-6081 IDSN-433 Insert Shim
6-998-6082 IDSN-423 Insert Shim
6-998-6086 IDSN-533 Insert Shim
6-998-6100P ISSN-433 Insert Shim
6-998-6108 ISSN-533 Insert Shim
6-998-6113 ISSN-633 Insert Shim
6-998-6116 ISSN-846 Insert Shim
6-998-6122 IRSN-32 Insert Shim
6-998-6123 IRSN-43 Insert Shim
6-998-6251 NL-33 Lock Pin
6-998-6254 NL-34 Lock Pin
6-998-6255 NL-34L Lock Pin
6-998-6260 NL-44 Lock Pin
6-998-6265 NL-46 Lock Pin
6-998-6266 NL-56 Lock Pin
6-998-6270 NL-58 Lock Pin
6-998-6275 NL-68 Lock Pin
6-998-6285 NL-810 Lock Pin
6-998-6404 CL-5 Top Clamp
6-998-6405 CL-6 Top Clamp
6-998-6407 CL-7 Top Clamp
6-998-6409 CL-9 Top Clamp
6-998-6411 CL-12 Top Clamp
6-998-6415 CL-20 Top Clamp
6-998-6423 CL-30 Top Clamp
6-998-6512 XNS-35 Differential Clamp Screw
6-998-6513 XNS-36 Differential Clamp Screw
6-998-6515 XNS-37 Differential Clamp Screw
6-998-6520 XNS-46 Differential Clamp Screw
6-998-6521 NL-33 Lock Pin
6-998-6526 XNS-48 Differential Clamp Screw
6-998-6529 XNS-59 Differential Clamp Screw
6-998-6531 XNS-510 Differential Clamp Screw
6-998-6541 S-34 Shim Screw
6-998-6543 S-46 Shim Screw
6-998-6545 S-58 Shim Screw
6-998-6547 S-68 Shim Screw
6-998-6550 S-310 Clamp Screw
6-998-6554 SL-344 Clamp Screw
6-998-6562 S-412 Clamp Screw
6-998-6672 CM-72 Top Clamp
6-998-6673 CM-73 Top Clamp
6-998-6674 CM-74 Top Clamp
6-998-6675 CM-75 Top Clamp
6-998-6720 SM-420 Carbide Insert Shim
6-998-7008 TORX WRENCH
6-998-7015 TORX WRENCH
6-998-7020 TORX WRENCH
6-998-716N Threading Insert Shim
6-998-722N Threading Insert Shim
6-998-725N Insert Screw
6-998-73006 Shim Screw
6-998-73509 Insert Screw
6-998-73512 Insert Screw
6-998-73516 Insert Screw
6-998-74010 Shim Screw
6-998-74016 Insert Screw
6-998-803 LV3
6-998-804 LV4
6-998-806 LV6
6-998-9007 TW07S, 7MM Torx Driver
6-998-9009 TW09S, 9MM Torx Driver
6-998-9015 TW15S, 15MM Torx Driver
6-998-9020 TW20S, 20MM Torx Driver
6-998-9022 TW20-100
6-998-90307 FTNA0307, Insert Screw
6-998-9042F SS42SAF, Shim
6-998-913 Parting Insert Extractor
6-998-915 Hex Cap Screw for Tool Block
6-998-9204 FTNA0204
6-998-9220 FTKA02206S
6-998-9256 FTKA02565
6-998-9306 FTNA0306, Insert Screw
6-998-9307 FTKA0307, Insert Screw
6-998-9350 FTKA03508
6-998-93508 FTGA03508, Insert Screw
6-998-93512 FTGA03512, Insert Screw
6-998-9408 FTKA0408
6-998-9408A FTNA0408, Insert Screw
6-998-9410 FTKA410, Insert Screw
6-998-9411 FTKA0307 6-558 10MM Screw
6-998-9412B FTKA0412B for 6-558 Series
6-998-9451 FTNC04511, Insert Screw
6-998-9509F SHXN0509F, Shim Screw
6-998-9510 FTGA0510-P, Insert Screw
6-998-9512 FTGA0512-P
6-998-9513 FTGA0513
6-998-9513P FTGA0513-P, Insert Screw
6-998-9515P FTGA0515-P, Insert Screw
6-998-9516 FTNA0516, Insert Screw
6-998-9518 FTGA0513
6-998-9519 ETNA 0408 Screw
290-0114-00 T-6 Torx Wrench
6-999-105 Shim F.Slot.Cut.334.5-620
6-999-111 Shim 3-4 .1/2 Rh257.9-114
6-999-112 Shim 3-4 .1/2 Lh257.9-114
6-999-113 Shim 5-20 .1/2 Rh257.9-110
6-999-114 Shim 5-20 .1/2 Lh257.9-110
6-999-115 Shim 5-20 5/8 Rh257.9-112
6-999-116 Shim 5-20 5/8 Lh257.9-112
6-999-117 Shim 257.9-116 Rh
6-999-119 Shim 257.9-116 Lh
6-999-121 Wedge Rh257.9-120
6-999-122 Wedge Lh257.9-120
6-999-130 Wedge Screw 5-20 257.9-130
6-999-132 Wedgescrew 3-4 257.9-132
6-999-161 Shim Ecc Key 257.9-140
6-999-171 Hex T-Key
6-999-250 Locking Screw
6-999-251 Locking Screw
6-999-253 Maximizer Shim 220.13-621-12
6-999-254 Arbor Screw
6-999-256 Arbor Screw
6-999-257 Arbor Screw
6-999-2571 Arbor Screw
6-999-258 Arbor Screw
6-999-2585 Arbor Screw
6-999-259 Arbor Screw
6-999-260 Locking Screw
6-999-262 Locking Screw
6-999-263 Locking Screw 174-16-638
6-999-264 Locking Screw Je410040 Lh
6-999-265 Locking Screw
6-999-266 Locking Screw Je410213 Rh
6-999-267 Locking Screw Je410213 Lh
6-999-268 Locking Screw For 1.1/2Em
6-999-270 Locking Screw
6-999-271 Locking Screw
6-999-274 Locking Screw
6-999-2741 Lock Screw174.16-648.1 Rh
6-999-275 Locking Screw
6-999-280 Lock.Screw Slot.Cut.M5X20
6-999-371 Shim 174.11-621
6-999-391 Insert Shim
6-999-394 Shim Triang.175.11-624
6-999-400 Shim Screw
6-999-405 Shim Screw F105 M5x185
6-999-582 Hex Wrench 2 mm
6-999-583 Hex Wrench 3 mm
6-999-584 Hex Wrench 4 mm
6-999-585 Hex Wrench 5 mm
6-999-586 Hex Wrench 6 mm
6-999-588 Hex Wrench 8 mm
6-999-590 Hex Wrench 10mm
6-999-592 Hex Wrench 12mm
6-999-654 7 Pc. Hex Fold 1.5-6 mm
6-999-701 15 Pc.Hex L-Wr. 1.27-10mm
6-999-715 9 Pc.Ball End L-Wrench Set Cr. 1.5-10mm
6-999-847 Chipbreaker 6938172,3 Fine
6-999-848 Chipbreaker 6938172,3 Med
6-999-851 Chipbreaker 6938174,5,6 Fine
6-999-852 Chipbreaker 6938174,5,6 Med
6-999-853 Chipbreaker 6938174,5,6 Coarse
6-999-860 Chipbreaker 6939172 Med
6-999-863 Chipbreaker 6939173,4,5 Fine, T33AC
6-999-864 Chipbreaker 6939173,4,5 Med, T33AD
6-999-865 Chipbreaker 6939173,4,5 Coarse, T3AG
6-999-867 Chipbreaker 6939176,8 Fine
6-999-868 Medium Chip Breaker
6-999-869 Chipbreaker 6939176,8 Coarse
6-999-982 Block for 5501 Hole .950in

Summary of items listed on this page
6-700-012L MRGNL 12-3B ToolHolder
6-700-012R MRGNR 12-3B ToolHolder
6-700-016L MRGNL 16-3D ToolHolder
6-700-016R MRGNR 16-3D ToolHolder
6-700-112L MRGNL 12-4B ToolHolder
6-700-112R MRGNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-700-116L MRGNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-700-116R MRGNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-700-204L MRGNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-700-204R MRGNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-705-012R MCKNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-705-016L MCKNL-16-4D ToolHolder
6-705-016R MCKNR-16-4D ToolHolder
6-705-020L MCKNL-20-4D ToolHolder
6-705-020R MCKNR-20-4D ToolHolder
6-705-116R MCKNR 16-5D ToolHolder
6-705-120R MCKNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-710-012L MCLNL 12-4B ToolHolder
6-710-012R MCLNR 12-4B ToolHolder
6-710-016L MCLNL 16-4D ToolHolder
6-710-016R MCLNR 16-4D ToolHolder
6-710-020L MCLNL 20-4D ToolHolder
6-710-020R MCLNR 20-4D ToolHolder
6-710-024L MCLNL 24-4D ToolHolder
6-710-024R MCLNR 24-4D ToolHolder
6-710-116L MCLNL 16-5D ToolHolder
6-710-116R MCLNR 16-5D ToolHolder
6-710-120L MCLNL 20-5D ToolHolder
6-710-120R MCLNR 20-5D ToolHolder
6-710-124L MCLNL 24-5D ToolHolder
6-710-124R MCLNR 24-5D ToolHolder

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