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Milling Machine Adapters, Drill Drifts, NST, NMBT, R8 ID 644-

Part Number: 644-7-451-001
Milling Machine Adapters, Drill Drifts, NST, NMBT, R8 ID 644-
Milling Machine Adapters, Drill Drifts R8, NST, NMTB
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Adapters, Milling Machine, Drill Drifts NST, NMBT, R8


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CDTooling Machine Adapters and Accessories are made of alloy steel for long lasting durability. The Draw Bar Adapter With NST/NMTB is designed for changing from a NST/NMTB shank to a Morse taper socket. Shank to Morse sizes vary. Milling Machine Adapters are hardened to Rc 56-60 for added strength and have a taper seat T.I.R. that is less than 0.0004". Choose from models that change from R8 shank to taper socket and from models that change from NST taper to smaller NST
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7-451-001    Drill DriftH.D.Zinc Plated#1 Hardened
7-451-002    Drill Drift,H.D.Zinc Plated,#2 Hardened
7-451-003    Drill Drift,H.D.Zinc Plated,#3 Hardened
7-451-004    Drill Drift,H.D.Zinc Plated,#4 Hardened
7-451-010    DrillDriftH.D.ZincPlated,4 Pc Set #1-#4
7-110-005    Milling Mach Adapter, NST40 to NST30
7-110-010    Milling Mach Adapter, NST50 to NST30
7-110-015    Milling Mach Adapter, NST50 to NST40
7-115-005    Milling Mach Adapter, R8 to MT2
7-115-010    Milling Mach Adapter, R8 to MT3
7-090-010    Open End Adaptors Nst/Mt,Nst 40/Mt 3
7-090-015    Open End Adaptors Nst/Mt,Nst 40/Mt 4
7-090-030    Open End Adaptors Nst/Mt,Nst 50/Mt 5
7-100-020    Draw Bar Adapter, NST40 to MT5
7-100-005Q    Draw Bar Adapter, NST/NMTB-QC-40 to MT2
7-100-010Q    Draw Bar Adapter, NST/NMTB-QC-40 to MT3
7-100-015Q    Draw Bar Adapter, NST/NMTB-QC-40 to MT4
7-100-024Q    Draw Bar Adapter, NST/NMTB-QC-50 to MT2
7-100-025Q    Draw Bar Adapter, NST/NMTB-QC-50 to MT3
7-100-030Q    Draw Bar Adapter, NST/NMTB-QC-50 to MT4
7-100-035Q    Draw Bar Adapter, NST/NMTB-QC-50 to MT5
7-105-005Q    Milling Mach Adapter, NMTB-QC 40 to R8
7-105-010Q    Milling Mach Adapter, NMTB-QC 50 to R8

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