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TPMM-321-E46 883 Carbide Inserts

Part Number: 2695-TPMM-321 E46 883
TPMM-321-E46 883 Carbide Inserts
TPMM-321-E46 -- TPMM-322-E46 Carbide Inserts ID 2695-
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TPMM-321-E46 883 Carbide Inserts

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TPMM-321-E46 883 Carbide Inserts 
Insert Size 321
Material Carbide
Inscribed Circle (Decimal Inch) 0.3750
Inscribed Circle (Inch) 3/8
Thickness (Inch) 1/8
Thickness (Decimal Inch) 0.1250
Corner Radius (Inch) 1/64
Corner Radius (Decimal Inch) 0.0156
Manufacturer's Grade 883
Coating Uncoated
Material Grade C2
Chip Breaker 46
Hole Diameter (Decimal Inch) 0.1650
Relief Angle 11°
Primary Workpiece Material S
Secondary Workpiece Material H; K; N
Included Angle 60
Insert Hand Neutral
Insert Holding Method Screw
Shape Triangle

GRADE 883 Has unique carbide grain mix for consistent performance over a wide range of roughing and semi-roughing 
applications on high-temperature alloys. Grade 883 is the industry standard C2 carbide.

GRADE 516 CARBIDE - CVD COATED ISO range: P20 M20 ANSI range: C6 Coating: TiC

GRADE 370 General-purpose grade with good crater and shock-resistance for medium-duty to heavy roughing 
applications on steels, some stainless steels, and alloy cast irons.

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